In 2004 we formed New Europe Personnel Limited specialising in recruiting skilled and professional staff for engineering construction and some service sector employers in the UK. One of our Engineering clients asked us to also help identify suppliers of machining services and components. This proved to be very successful and the client has developed ongoing relationships with several suppliers. As we found the recruitment market increasingly difficult, it made sense to build on the success of this line of business. We are based in St Albans near London but our clients are based all over the UK and Ireland. We use our extensive knowledge of business in Poland and the UK to bring together supplier and customer. We are not a wholesaler or distributor; we create and support direct relationships between two companies.

If you are looking for right balance of potential savings, high quality components, low commercial risk and a short lead time to be able to compete with your competition, the lower cost based countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary are an obvious choice. Where the material costs in open market economies are relatively similar, the real savings are mainly on the labour elements of manufactured components and other overheads, which are lower by comparison with the UK. The lead time in Eastern Europe on average can be 4-6 weeks however, an additional shift could be introduced during busy periods or for urgent requirements. Another advantage is that there is not duty payable on entry to the UK when the parts have been manufactured in one of the EU countries.

We would like to add that we visit, assess and pre-select every supplier to make sure, that they are representing the quality that we are proud to introduce to you. If you wish to visit the suppliers before placing your first order, and meet the owner and technical support team in person to view their operation, we can arrange a schedule for your visit and accompany you in Poland during the appointments. With frequent flights from all major airports this is easily achievable during a 2 day visit. Since May 2004 trading is simple and the quality standards are the same as in the UK. All of our suppliers have the European Quality System in place and members of staff speak English. As we realised, that it takes time to search out and work with suitable overseas manufacturers, we are here to help you to shorten this process and make it much easier.

In addition, our commission agreement is with supplier and not with end user, which simplifies your accounting.