The Main Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe has several benefits and we are here to help you to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Gives you access to specialised services and skilled personnel
  • Saves you time and money
  • Gives you flexibility and control without committing to fixed costs
  • Allows you to concentrate on what you do best

Cost advantage and security

Outsourcing to one of the Eastern European countries can give you access to lower cost, without reducing quality. All the benefits of EU quality, security and regulatory standards are offered. Although the cost of materials may be similar, overall operational costs including labour are significantly lower then in more developed markets.

Get access to specialised and niche services of high quality

When specialised services are required there is often a very limited choice of options. You can gain the expertise of highly skilled professionals and also excellent service. Businesses, which have chosen this route, usually increase their profitability and service levels, whilst maintaining overall ownership of their products and brands.

Reduced capital investment and reduced risk

Setting up a machine shop, buying or hiring equipment, recruiting and training staff, all require significant investment and create risks. By using EU based outsourcing, you retain control of intellectual property without requiring additional capital or creating fixed costs.

Easy access

Outsourcing to countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary it is very easy. There are a number of economy flights from the UK and travel time is only 2 hours. Very often travelling within the UK takes longer! The cost of flights is low and lots of hotels offer good prices. You can keep in touch with your supplier all the time and visit within one day, if necessary. The same applies to shipping your goods back to the UK and a cost of shipping.

Stand out of the competition

Another bonus of outsourcing within the EU is that you can make quicker deliveries. Your ‘matched’ supplier will be able to deliver your orders on time, and you will be able to satisfy your customers. If the orders would increase, or during busy periods, you might be able to use several suppliers at the same time. Most of our suppliers are happy to make parts in advance and keep a batch in their stock, ready to be shipped, when required.

Concentrate on your core business

Another benefit of outsourcing is that your business will be able to concentrate on growing profitable business, rather than controlling every aspect of production.